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We offer a full service in relation to European immigration, citizenship and residency; In fact a One Stop Shop with proven expertise and experience and the highest quality of service to clients. At the present time our research shows us that  the fastest way to legally obtain an EU passport for our clients and their family is for them to invest in Cyprus Real Estate .

We therefore refer all clients wishing to legally obtain an EU passport to the Immigration Department of our partners on the Island of Cyprus who specialise in providing all necessary legal and other assistance as well as expert advice on the whole procedure of acquiring citizenship, residency or an EU passport through the acquisition of immovable property as an immigration investment package.

Our partners on the Island have collected Prime commercial properties in the Republic of Cyprus that have a Return on Investment of at least 5% per year, in order to offer this real estate to prospective purchasers/ investors who wish to acquire the Cypriot passport.

We receive important government support from various  organizations, since these investments are important for the Republic of Cyprus.
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The not so small print

Along with many other benefits the following currently constitute Cyprus to be the most competitive country in the issuance of European passports.

* The investment need only be 5.5 million Euros in Real estate which must include a residential property of 500,000 Euros.

* There is a high demand for Residential property to rent and we will assist in finding tenants if so required giving a high rental yield. 

* Applicants do not need to become resident or learn the Greek language or become tax resident in Cyprus and can maintain their existing citizenship.

Working with the government department responsible for the issuance of Citizenship and residency we are able to offer a 60 day service. We are responsible for:

  • Fast track service for citizenship and residency.

  • Identifying suitable property and packages. Our coverage includes the whole of Cyprus, whether in cities, seaside or countryside properties, with a focus on both personal use and investment purposes.

  • Identifying Property Investment Packages and personal properties ensuring of residency or citizenship with money back guarantee.

  • Offering citizen packages that include high return on investment and income yield.

  • Providing legal counsel to handle the property purchase contract and the citizenship and residency applications.

  • Providing assistance to open relevant bank accounts

  • Providing after sales services including turnkey furnishings and equipping of the property as well as rentals and house keeping packages.

  • Complimentary viewing trip including 7 days accommodation and airport transfers for the duration of inspection of properties and investment packages and completion of application, subject to nominal initial diligence.

  • Full professional service from consultation through to completion.

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To achieve cooperation objectives we have expertise in implementing, amongst others, the following activities
1.Job creation through business development
 2.Establishment of Twinning cities
3.Company Formation
4.Incoming Tourism
5.Conference and Congress Event organization
6.Inward Investment
7.Business centre establishment
8.International school Formation
9.Industry assistance
10.University Establishment
11. Image management and branding
12. Web, internet, IT and social media management and marketing
13. Call centre management
14. Airline and Airport Formation
15. Event and program planning
16. International dispute Resolution
17. Policy Development
18. EU and UN grant application
19. HR and Consultant recruitment
20. Establishment of common Corporate Framework
21. Publicity and PR
22. Security
23 Financing and Refinancing
24. Blue Chip and Government Contracts
25. Agent, dealer and stockist development
26. Interim Management
27. Bankruptcy and Insolvency Management
28. Company Formation
29. Mystery Guest and Shopping
30.  Franchising
31. Purchase and management of distressed hotels and businesses
32.Association Formation 

We like to think of each organisation as a chess board. Put the right pieces in the right place and then take an expert strategist and success is guaranteed.

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